Our Catster and Dogster friends Aldo, Tess and Noelle lost their mom, and we have lost a friend. This page is dedicated to her in the hope that being prepared will benefit us all so that no animal is sent to a shelter.

Give copies of full-size cards to your contacts. This way several people have the information and we can avoid delays in getting to and caring for our animal companions. Ensure that at least one person has a key to your home.

Here are samples. Please put your home address on the card, which I forgot! Later I'll add links from the Forum thread about care organizations.

Please post your suggestions in the Catster Forum:
Preparing for Life Without Mom (or Dad)

Catster Dogster

FULL-SIZE CARD (8 1/2x11 )


(Sizes shown are not actual sizes)

I used heavy card stock paper for all 3 Emergency Cards.
For the Wallet Card and the Vehicle Card I used clear packing tape to completely enclose them, or you can have them laminated. The Vehicle Card will go behind the rear-view mirror. Police say that the glove box is often damaged and not accessible so don't put it in there. Taped the full-size sheets to the back of the front door (or the wall next to it), and also on the refrigerator or next to it.

BEHIND REAR-VIEW MIRROR OF VEHICLE - Size approximately 3 1/2x11 (Landscape page setup)

Page created by Hazel Lucy for the benefit of humans and their companion animals - May 2008